NTec Linear ActuatorHigh Torque Linear Actuators L42, L57 (thrust 65 - 300 N)

The combination of a high-torque stepper motor with a screw of 2 and 5 mm pitch not only gives the linear actuators L42 and L57 linear actuators an extremely high actuating speed (or extremely short setting times) but, in its compact form, also supports high thrust and tensile forces.

With the matching SDM.. microstep drivers, resolutions up to <0.01 mm/step are possible and thus the L42, L57 linear motors are extremely well suited for precision linear axes.

As a result of the relatively good screw efficiency of >0.5, even higher service lives were achieved in addition to improved performance. For position feedback, the linear actuators are also available with attached encoder or encoder plus line driver.

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