Motion Control Systems


Array PLC

In addition to the standard function blocks, these PLCs can:

  • Control stepper motors with pulse and direction
  • Encoders count up to 10 Khz (up down counter)
  • PWM signal output 50 Khz. (frequency control)
  • Display type SR-300 B
  • Convert analog values, has 12 bit analog inputs and outputs
  • Switch remotely with an SMS module
  • More...
    The available modules are PLC with 12 I / O or 22 I / O with extension modules up to 5 x from 22 I / O both relay or transistor output, SMS module, and internal or external display's sh300.

    In combination with a stepper motor controller, the ABP PLCs from Array can be used as a controller for stepper motor systems. In addition to stepper motor systems, it is also possible to make simple controls for DC servo systems or asynchronous systems. You can think of home automation systems or comparable use. For more advanced systems, see Automation Control on this website.

    In a short time, Array PLCs are relatively easy to program by someone who is unfamiliar with the programming language. You can also leave this to one of our programmers.