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Nanotec precieze planetaire tandwielkasten

The gearboxes of the GPLE and GPLEP series are especially designed for applications that require high performance and precision. They are characterized by high torsional stiffness, low running noise and low backlash.

Flange gearboxes are a special form of planetary gearboxes and offer very high torsional stiffness.

Categories of Precision


Precisie Tandwielkasten GPLE-serie
The low-play planetary gearboxes from Nanotec are developed to the state of the art in gearing techn ...


Precisie Tandwielkasten GPLEP-serie
The GPLEP precision planetary gearboxes are equipped with reinforced output bearings, and can withst ...


Precisie Tandwielkasten GPLEF-serie
The GPLEF flange gearboxes are an economical alternative to cycloid or shaft gearboxes, and offer up ...