Motion Control Systems
Economische tandwielkasten GPLK42


The plastic gearboxes are made for NEMA 17 (42 mm) motors and BLDC motors of the DF45 series. The GPLK gearboxes have a diameter of 42 mm, and are considerably lighter and significantly quieter than comparable metal gearboxes. They are particularly suitable for applications in which the motor has to be moved as well. Combined with the BLDC motors of the DF45 series, they make a highly compact drive that weighs just 300 g and has a rated torque of 5 Nm. Available in various lengths and reductions.
  • Very quiet
  • Low weight
  • Shaft flattened on both sides
The GPLK42 gearboxes can only be ordered with a motor.

Product Overview GPLK42
ArticleReduction ratioNominal TorqueMax Output TorqueNemaEfficiencyLength "A"Max BacklashCAD DF45 
GPLK42-4,3 4.25 4 Nm 8 Nm 17 75 % 48.5 mm 90 ´ (arc minutes)
GPLK42-23 22.66 6 Nm 12 Nm 17 70 % 64.3 mm 90 ´ (arc minutes)
GPLK42-56 56.25 5 Nm 10 Nm 17 70 % 64.3 mm 90 ´ (arc minutes)