Motion Control Systems


Planetary Gearboxes

Due to their triple meshing, Planetary Gearboxes have a very high torque and the highest efficiency with a concentric shaft output.

For applications that require a high torque and high profitability Nanotec offers high-torque gearboxes in combination with brushless DC motors and in combination with stepper motors in several versions.

Due to their low backlash, precision Planetary Gearboxes are especially well suited for applications that demand exact positioning.

Nanotec's economy Planetary Gearboxes are designed especially for applications with lower loads. 

Categories of Planetary


Nanotec Hoogkoppel planetaire tandwielkasten
The planetary gearboxes of the GP series are offered in one- and two-stage versions as well as with ...


Nanotec precieze planetaire tandwielkasten
The gearboxes of the GPLE and GPLEP series are especially designed for applications that require hig ...

Low Cost

Nanotec economisch planetaire tandwielkasten
In applications with low axial and radial shaft loads, these planetary gearboxes are an economic alt ...


Low-noise Planetary Gearboxes
Low-noise planetary gearboxes with smooth running characteristics for motors in sizes NEMA 23/24 (56 ...