Motion Control Systems


We offer planetary gearboxes and worm gearboxes that can be combined with brushless DC motors and stepper motors.

Due to their high efficiency and compact size, planetary gearboxes are particularly suitable for automation applications.

Worm gearboxes are mainly used in applications where the output shaft is shifted 90 ° relative to the motor shaft. Due to their lower efficiency, worm gearboxes lock at higher reduction speeds, which may be useful in some applications.

The newly developed high torque gearboxes achieve particularly high torque. With the help of simulation software, individual requirements can be calculated in advance, so that the gearing can be properly optimized.

Categories of Gearboxes


Planetary Gearboxes
Due to their triple meshing, Planetary Gearboxes have a very high torque and the highest efficiency ...

Worm Gears

Nanotec Worm Tandwielkasten
In the GSGE Worm Gears, the output shaft is offset by 90° from the drive shaft. A double shaft for ...