Motion Control Systems


Nanotec's 3-channel encoders are easy to assemble and offer long-term reliability and high measuring accuracy in combination with compact dimensions. They have high resolutions, are resistant to vibration acceleration and suitable for a wide temperature range.

By comparing demand / actual position, they allow the motor to run in closed-loop mode while avoiding mechanical overload or blockage.

An encoder with machine-friendly IP54 design is already integrated in the stepper motors and BLDC motors with increased protection class. They can also be used in harsh environmental conditions and ensure trouble-free, fast and error-free wiring.

Categories of Encoders

Optical Encoders

Optische encoders
Optical encoders are used for the precise speed and position monitoring of moving loads. They are su ...

Reflective Encoders

Reflectieve encoders
Nanotec offers reflective encoders that can also be combined with very small BLDC and stepper motors ...

Magnetic Encoders

Magnetische encoders
Magnetic encoders enable precise measurements even in harsh environmental conditions. Hall sensors a ...

Multiturn Encoders

Nanotec Multiturn Encoders
Absolute magnetic multi-turn encoder for Nanotec’s NEMA 23 motors. With energy-harvesting system u ...