Motion Control Systems

Internal Rotor

Brushless DC Internal Rotor Motors
In internal rotor motors, the rotor with the permanent magnets rotates on a shaft inside a stationary stator with coils. Their benefits lie in their lower rotor inertia and their better dissipation of heat losses. They are particularly suitable for high speeds.


Internal Brushless DC Motor DB22
Miniature Motor
High speed, high output power and long service life. For higher torques and a wi ...


Brushless DC Motor with internal Rotor DB28
Ultra-compact BLDC motor
High output power, very quiet running properties and long service life ...


Brushless DC Motor with internal Rotor DB33
Compact BLDC motor
With very quiet running properties. By mounting a Nanotec encoder, this motor ...


Brushless DC Motor DBL36
Highly economical BLDC motor
With 36 mm diameter and a rated speed of 4500 to 4800 rpm. With a r ...


Brushless DC Motor DB41
BLDC motor with bonded magnets and 10 poles
Higher torque than the DB42 motor and a rated speed ...


Brushless DC Motor DB42
BLDC motor
With quiet running characteristics, high acceleration rates, a long service life and ...


Brushless DC Motor DBL42
Highly economical BLDC motor
With 42 mm flange and a rated power of 30 W. With its rated speed o ...


Brushless DC Motor Db43
High-performance BLDC motor
With 6 poles and sintered magnets, hence approx. 30% more power than ...


Brushless DC Motor DB56
Economical BLDC motor
With integrated Hall sensors in size NEMA 23 (56 mm). Output shaft with fl ...


Brushless DC Motor DB59
Brushless DC motor with high efficiency
And quiet running properties; available in two designs. ...


Brushless DC Motor DB80
BLDC motor with 80 x 80 mm flange
and 8 poles and very high power density in relation to its si ...


Brushless DC Motor DB87
Brushless DC motor with high output power
And long service life. By mounting a Nanotec encoder, ...