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Brushless DC Motors

BLDC Motors
Electronically switched three-phase motors (EC motors) are particularly suitable for applications that require quiet running properties and a long service life. The high energy permanent magnets enable high acceleration speeds, combined with very high efficiency and speeds of up to 14,000 rpm.

The rotor position is electronically returned by three Hall sensors that are shifted 120 °. BLDC motors together with an encoder can also be used in applications that require precise positioning.
  • Benefits

    • Higher efficiency and power density than induction motors (about 35% volume and weight reduction with the same output).
    • Long service life and quiet operation thanks to precision ball bearings
    • Wide speed range with full engine power thanks to linear torque curve
    • Reduced electrical interference emission
    • Mechanically interchangeable with stepper motors, so less construction costs and a wider variety of parts

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