Motion Control Systems


The Nanotec brakes have a compact flange design and asbestos-free friction linings. They are durable and easy to install thanks to their pre-set air gap. All brakes require a voltage of 24 V for release. Integrated brakes with a connector plug are also suitable for use in harsh environmental conditions (IP54) and allow fast and error-free wiring.

The Nano brake module (PWM controller) reduces the power and heat loss of the brake by 35%, extending the operating time and service life of the motor. An external anti-surge diode is not required.


Remmen BKE
In the BKE brake, the braking force is applied by means of a permanent magnet. To achieve the maximu ...


Remmen BWA
With the BWA-brake, Nanotec offers an electrically operated spring-loaded brake with an extremely co ...


-BCD56-1,5-8 - veerbelaste rem
Spring Loaded Brake
The BCD brake is designed as a holding brake for BLDC and stepper motors wit ...