Motion Control Systems



Standard connectors and contacts for assembling motors, brakes and encoders, etc. Suitable crimping pliers (JST WC-110) are required for the JST-XHP connectors. No special tools are needed for any of the other connectors.

Connector Socket Housing

ZCJST-XHP-2 Connector
  ArticlePin configuration ZCJST-XHP-2 2 ZCJST-XHP-3 3 ZCJST-XHP-4 ...

IDC for AWG24 (XHP)

IDC for AWG24 (XHP) connector
  ArticlePin configuration ZCJST-04NR 4 ZCJST-05NR 5 ZCJST-06NR 6 ...


JST Crimp Contacts for ZCJST-XHP
JST Crimp Contacts for ZCJST-XHP

Clip-on Plug

 Clip-on connector
  ArticlePin configuration ZCPHOFK-MC0,5-2 2 ZCPHOFK-MC0,5-4 4 ZCPHOF ...

Clip-on Plug, RM 5 mm

Clip-on Plug, 3-pin, RM 5 mm
  ArticlePin configuration ZCWE-RM5-3 3 ZCWE-RM5-6 6

Clip-on Plug, big

Clip-on Plug, Groot
  ArticlePin configuration ZCPHOFKC-2,5HC-2 2