Motion Control Systems

Linear Sliders

Linear Sliders

Linear movements are generally driven in a rotary manner. The linear actuators can be divided into mechanical transmission type, namely:

  • Timing belt
    High speed up to 5 m / sec, accuracy ± 0.05 mm, high efficiency and high cycle times.
  • Trapeze spindle
    Low speed up to 0.15 m / sec, high accuracy ± 0.01 mm, self-braking, low efficiency and low cycle times.
  • Ball screw spindle
    Low speed up to 1.25 m / sec, high accuracy ± 0.01 mm, not self-locking, high efficiency and high cycles times

These drives can be supplied with stepper motors - DC motors - brushless servo motors - asynchronous motors, depending on the application.

In addition, stepper motors with internal spindles for a linear movement can be realized at a low cost, see category stepper motors.

Categories of Linear Sliders


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