Motion Control Systems



Planetary gear units are generally used in servo technology. This is because they have a high efficiency and high accuracy and are also very compact. The gear units reduce the speed and increase the output torque. MCS has a wide range of Tecnoingranaggi gearboxes, this Italian manufacturer has guaranteed quality for decades.

In addition, worm gearboxes are available, which ensure a right-angle transmission and are cheaper than the planetary gearboxes. The disadvantage of this transmission is that the efficiency and accuracy are also a lot lower.

Categories of Gearboxes

Planetaire reductoren

Planetair Gearboxes
  Mainly used for very compact and precise drives.

Versions: (hollow) shaft input, (rig ...


Worm Gearboxes
Right angle worm delays: gear ratio 5-7-10-15-20-30-40-50-60-80-100-150-200 etc up to 3000. Standard ...