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Special encoder products
In addition to the extensive range of incremental, absolute and linear transducers, Eltra also offers specific products and adaptation boards to meet the precise needs of factory automation applications.

Other Products

RH 200

RH200 encoder
RH 200 A / B / C
The RH 200 metric wheels are designed for specific industrial applica ...

RL 500 - RM 500

RL 500 - RM 500 encoder
RL 500 - RM 500 A / B / C
The RL 500 / RM 500 metric wheels are designed for ...


EP encoder
EP A / B
EP rotary encoders series with potentiometric output signal. The potentiometer is ...


Adapter signaalsplitter
EMB / EMBO - adapter signal splitter
This EMB / EMBO board is used when it's necessar ...


Encoder signaalkiezer
EMD - Encoder signal selector
The EMD board is used whenever it's necessary to carry ...


EV - Electronisch handwiel
EV B / C - Electronic hand-wheel

The electronic hand-wheel EV series is designed ...