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ELTRA is one of the largest encoder manufacturers in Europe, which with great investments and know-how can guarantee quality and respond quickly to the needs of the market. Incremental encoders as well as absolute encoders are available with associated accessories such as measuring wheel couplings, etc. The incremental encoders are most commonly used and are divided into shaft and hollow shaft for motor mounting. They are measuring instruments and should be used as such.

  • Delivery
    The encoders contain a unique code that contains the number of pulses, the electronics and the connection. This makes it impossible to build up stocks. This means that all encoders are only manufactured after order. The standard delivery time is 4 weeks. if there is an emergency due to standstill, we can deliver the encoder within a week at an additional cost.

What is an encoder?

Categories of Encoders


Incremental Encoders
An incremental encoder does not indicate an absolute position; it only reports incremental changes i ...


Absolute Encoders
An absolute encoder remembers position information when power is removed from the encoder. The encod ...

Linear transducers

Lineare transducers
Linear incremental encoders, potentiometer and magnetostrictive transducers

Linear transd ...

Other Products

Special encoder products
In addition to the extensive range of incremental, absolute and linear transducers, Eltra also offer ...


Encoder Accessoires
From connectors to couplings, our company offers an extensive range of accessories to meet generic a ...