Motion Control Systems



A tacho generator is a robust electric generator for detecting the speed of electrical and other rotating machines, such as variable speed drives or engine test benches.

Tacho generators have been widely used as speed sensors, but are increasingly being replaced by cheaper incremental encoders that can operate to a standstill.

  • Types

    Type Number of poles Kind Resolution Datasheet
    AT101 AC - Tacho Hollow shaft 24V / 1000RPM
    AT202 AC - Tacho Solid shaft 24V / 1000RPM
    DC20R 2 Hollow shaft 20V / 1000RPM
    DC60R 2 Hollow shaft 60V / 1000RPM
    DC10RF 4 Solid shaft 10V / 1000RPM
    DC20RF 2 Solid shaft 20V / 1000RPM
    DC60RF 2 Solid shaft 60V / 1000RPM
    DC06 2 Hollow shaft 6V / 1000RPM
    DC10R 4 Solid shaft 10V / 1000RPM