Motion Control Systems


DC Servo Motors

Drive system motors are available from 10W to 2200W with ceramic magnets, from diameter 35mm to 115mm, with torques from 0.01 to 6.8Nm at 3000rpm.

Available with options such as: tacho, brake, encoder and gearboxes. In voltages of 12-24-48-72-90-120-150-160-170V dc, at 3000 rpm.

DC Servo MP - Serie

Gelijkstroommotoren MP - serie
This series of high quality dc motors can be supplied with a connection voltage of 24 to 160 volts, ...

DC servomotor LN - Serie

DC servomotor LN - Serie
Low voltage motors

These DC motors are mainly used with battery powered controllers and c ...

DC servomotor AV - Serie

DC servomotor AV - Serie
High voltage motors

These motors are used with thyristor controllers directly on the main ...