Motion Control Systems


Brushless Servo Motors

The motor and controller is seen as a set and can be used for speed control, torque control, position control or a combination of these. MCS supplies different types of systems that differ in feedback and service life. The best systems are with resolver feedback and the most expensive in addition, there are low-cost systems with encoder feedback.

The selection is made depending on the application, there are also low cost low voltage systems. The systems are available from 50 watts to 20 kw with torques up to 360 Nm.

ACM Motors

ACM Motoren
ACM brushless synchronous servo motors: are neodymium ferro-boro (rare earth) magnet motors, which d ...

Magnetic Motors

Magnetic Motors
THE NGBe BRUSHLESS RANGE — The NGBe brushless servomotors are designed to meet the increasingly de ...