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Motion Control Systems was founded in 1988 by engineers, with more than 32 years of experience, they are dealing with high dynamic and accurate drives on a daily base. The drives come from several countries and are imported straight from the supplier. These are tested and implemented into the desired application. MCS provides a wide range of products, from components up to complete control systems. Because of this wide range of products, our engineers have a lot of experience and knowledge.

To be of better service to our customers, Motion Control Systems is located in a building with sufficient space for testing of individual applications and machines. Throughout the year there is the opportunity to visit us by appointment. In the showroom there is the possibility to discuss your application and demonstrate our products (like on an exhibition). So we can find out the best solution for your specific problem.

Courses are given by Motion Control Systems on request of the customer. During these courses extensive theoretical knowledge is given but with the emphasis on the practical reality. Ideal for engineers and maintenance staff.

All products in our portfolio are carefully selected and tested to make sure only the best products with the best price/performanceratio are included. The company’s philosophy is that a good product with the right service sells itself.

Strengths of MCS: Engineers with knowledge of both the electrical and the mechanical side of an application and practical experience. This allows us to provide you with the best advice;
A professional and project-based approach to problems;
Engineering of applications and calculations;
Drawing software package;
Fast delivery and development.

For more information send an email to Contact or call (+31) 0168 325077.